Paul Lucas Productions (PLP) is an international producing, general management, marketing and touring organization based in New York City.  PLP specializes in innovative theatre, clever comedy, and personal storytelling.  We travel the globe to select and showcase a boutique roster of emerging artists, while simultaneously creating new, original works for touring.

PLP’s productions have won multiple awards, as well as achieving wide critical acclaim at prestigious venues and festivals throughout the United Sates, Great Britain, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.  PLP has longstanding ties with the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, the Sydney Festival, the Dublin Fringe, and numerous other festivals around the world.

In addition to producing, PLP provides management, press and marketing, and consulting services to emerging and established artists and companies.


“Paul is an infinite source of high profile contacts through the industry of international performing arts.  He is closely-linked to key people, and is always creative in his propositions. He expands the box, or thinks outside of it.”                Welby Altidor, Creative Director, Cirque du Soleil

"Paul is one of those individuals to whom people go to get things done.  He works in an efficient, professional, and inventive process; always
looking for the best ways to complete a project on time, on (or under) budget, and in the most upbeat way.  Also, he has been in the business
long enough to have compiled a strong network of contacts."               Darrell M. Ayers, The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts

"Paul attracts real talent and audiences to appreciate that talent - an unbeatable combination that I first experienced when we co-produced 50 Minutes with Harriet & Phillis, featuring Broadway performer/choreographer Francesca Harper and New York Times Cultural Critic/performer
Margo Jefferson.  We three are among the many fans of Paul Lucas."         Barbara Ligeti, Producer/Director of Film, Theatre and Television

“Paul has one of those brains that works overtime, generating unique and creative ideas fast and furiously.  When that mental Rolodex of his starts spinning, stand back!  He has connections in every corner of the world! Plus he's a great person to work with.”       Rain Pryor, Actress

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